Wednesday, November 23, 2005

"youth is wasted on the young"

The young when not taught proper skills is wasted youth. Young men and women have great opportunities for growth when properly instructed with skill and direction.

Crossfit Central empowers youth leaders with tools for improvement of attitude, self-confidence, health and performance in both an athletic and social environment.

The next time your wishing you were young, think how you can bring wisdom to the youth surrounding you.


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Katherine G. said...

Do you remember the day you graduated from the "kiddie" table to the "adult" table at family gatherings? That was the day we all became youth+1.

The distinction is unclear at best. For some of us, there was finally a chair open at the big table, while for others of us, we simply outgrew the toddler chair we'd been squeezing into previously. There is always one adult who finds their way to the kiddie table, sitting tall above the other figures. They are usually the ones listening intently to what the youth have to say.