Tuesday, June 06, 2006


We will be training under the bridge this Saturday and look forward to seeing all of you Crossfitters out for a good sweat. Why train with us you ask.....

CrossFit Central in Austin is about unordinary,abnormal, "sic" fit mentality. We welcome all, we ask what you want, and then we tell you what you will get.
No - it is not easy or comfortable, no - it is not normal. But we all want to drop 20-30 pounds, grow hair, grow taller, become beautiful, have boobs, and smaller butts. Well guess what? That's not normal. You want normal? Look in the mirror and learn to love it, because that is what you normally look like. You can't get extraordinary results with an ordinary effort! So if you want abnormal changes, then you will have to live an abnormal life.

Train with CrossFit Central and live outside of the box!
See you Saturday.
Posted by Carey Kepler

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