Friday, February 02, 2007

Build It and They will Come II

On December 12 of 2005 Crossfit Central posted a Picture of Crossfit Under the Bridge with 4 participants. Fast forward 13 months later we have 15 to 20 show up to our free community workouts and our peek UTB has been 30 participants. This month Crossfit Central will host 80 to 100 participants in Crossfit Centrals 7 boot camp programs. February of 2007 Crossfit Central opened its doors to its first Crossfit fully functional facility. There will be 5 participants in the pm Crossfit Class. With the communities help Crosssfit Centrals facility will see similar growth.

Crossfit Central Thanks the Community who built us.

Ranked Top three Boot Camp of Texas in 2006 Competitor Magazine

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